Getting Sh*t Done – Bradley Wiggins Update

Submitted by Desmond Slattery

Here is the short summary – Staying on task, executing toward final goal. Unfortunately, lost one teammate to crashes in the first week……but I know you just cannot wait to devour my entire post(/sarcasm)!

The first week of the Tour is almost done and I know you have become rabid fans following its every move.
While there has been a tremendous amount of excitement, we have not heard much of our protagonist Bradley, which is exactly as we want it.

Task completed – Week One. Stay safe and out of trouble.

So maybe you have not been following the inside story that closely. That’s OK! There has been plenty of drama outside the Tour de France route. Our friend from Texas, who has won a few of these things, has found himself in a bit of a complicated situation. This will be the basis of a future post:

Managing Difficult Situations

Still not convinced that this is where the action is? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction they say……..keep that in mind when the book and movie on this saga is produced (you heard it here first). Some tidbits : It is alleged that our friend from Texas made a $100,000 “donation” to the UCI (the organization in charge of regulating cycling) which subsequently covered up a positive dope test. There are plenty more titillating rumors.

Back to the situation at hand. As you know (because you read all my blog posts 🙂 ) cycling is a team sport and drafting (being protected from the wind) can save a ton of energy. The next big task comes Monday after this weekends’ stages with a few mountains to get over. Monday’s race(stage) is a 41.5 km Time Trail, also know as the race of truth. It is a race against the clock, without the benefit of teammates or drafting.

Check out the rigs they will be riding!

After Monday we should have a clear picture about how things are progressing toward our major goal. After the Time Trial, the high mountains will be the next task.

Stay Tuned!


What’s in your tool box?

Crossover Continuing Education

Surviving in this economy as Massage Therapists requires more creativity then ever. Massage Therapists are increasingly looking for ways to distinguish themselves from their competition and finding ways to add to their bottom line. Therapists who were once reluctant to offer items for retail to their clients are now considering adding a retail dimension to their practices. Larger Chain stores are putting more and more pricing pressure on  Massage Therapists. Individual Massage Therapists need to find an advantage.

Thinking Creatively – Continuing Ed

Continuing Education is an effective way to gain tools and techniques that will separate you from your competition. GotYourBack offers the standard variety of continuing education courses but we also want to provide therapists with cutting edge trainig. In an effort to serve the bodywork field properly we have held brainstorming sessions with staff and students to come up with innovative and fun classes. We call these new workshops “crossover” classes because they create a bridge between two or more markets. Crossover classes should easily integrate with each other and, more importantly they should enhance your current practice.

Massage Therapy and Fitness Crossover

There are few people who have a more direct and functional understanding of the human body than Massage Therapists and Fitness Experts. What would happen if we combined these 2 modalities?

Core Movement Conditioning

Jason Kelly introduced me to Core Suspension Conditioning about a year ago. Jason graduated from Temple University with a degree in Exercise Physiology and has been a Massage Therapist and Fitness Trainer since 1993. He has had extensive training in Suspension Training and Kettle Bells. Jason spends his time between the east coast and Brazil lecturing and training on the V.T.M. approach.

When Jason introduced me to this concept I was a believer right from the start. Being a former competitive cyclist, I understood that core conditioning and overall fitness was the key to success. Bodyworkers, of course, understand this too. Static, 1 dimensional movement (like almost everything in a conventional gym) makes you good at static 1 dimensional movement. True fitness comes from conditioning our core.

Out of all the approaches that Jason teaches it was the suspension straps that I was really drawn to.  I like things simple, direct and accessible.  And this is it.  I said goodbye to conventional gyms long ago and implemented my own fitness program and I can tell you that suspension straps are the most exciting approach I have seen in years. The straps are lightweight (a few pounds) and I can use them almost anywhere to stretch, lengthen and get a great workout that can be as hard as easy as I like.

What’s in it for Massage Therapists?
Many tension patterns are caused by our habits. Our habits create our posture. Strengthening and stretching in addition to Massage Therapy are an integral part of breaking through the tension cycle that causes us pain and discomfort. Jason combines his massage therapy background with his Core Suspension Conditioning to help treat his clients more effectively. Happy clients refer their friends and keep coming back.

Attend a Core Suspension Conditioning Workshop
This workshop will certify you in a new modality and give you the option to offer private sessions to your clients or group classes. You can also re-sell the associated products to your clients. The knowledge you receive in this certification will give you a new and invaluable set of tools to approach tension, pain and healing in your current clients and an opening to attract new clients.