Fit in 3 Minutes!

not 3 minutes a day, 3 minutes a week!
Submitted by Desmond Slattery
In previous blog posts, Leif Montgomery instructed you to drink when thirsty and sleep when sleepy, now you can exercise just 3 minutes a week. Like most things, there is a catch. First, this is hard as hell! We are talking High Intensity exercise (maximum effort) type of exercise. Whether its cycling, sprinting or rowing, you will not even be able to complete the 3 minutes in one effort. You will need to break it up in 20 or 30 second blocks. The health markers used to determine the efficacy of the routine was insulin response and aerobic fitness. In general the results were positive. However, in a bit of divine injustice, there were a segment of people with the wrong kind of genes who, no matter what, did not find their aerobic fitness increased. I am sure, there is some compensation such as these people get the money gene or the lots of friends gene.
If you are addicted to exercise, or you like to exercise, then 3 minutes will simply not be enough for your emotional needs. But if you are lazy like me, this is good news.
Correlated with this are stories about sitting and how a sedentary lifestyle could be taking years off your life. Interestingly, even if you exercise, the sitting is detrimental. Many of the readers of this blog will not be affected by this as your jobs involve lots of movement throughout the day. But it certainly pertains to your clients. For years, at GotYourBack, we have enjoyed chairs that are dynamic, meaning they engage your core and force you to actively sit, thus offsetting the harmful effects of sitting. I’ll try to post some pics of the industrious staff here at GYB and core movement sitting. Read more here and here.

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