Getting Sh*t Done – Bradley Wiggins Update

Submitted by Desmond Slattery

Here is the short summary – Staying on task, executing toward final goal. Unfortunately, lost one teammate to crashes in the first week……but I know you just cannot wait to devour my entire post(/sarcasm)!

The first week of the Tour is almost done and I know you have become rabid fans following its every move.
While there has been a tremendous amount of excitement, we have not heard much of our protagonist Bradley, which is exactly as we want it.

Task completed – Week One. Stay safe and out of trouble.

So maybe you have not been following the inside story that closely. That’s OK! There has been plenty of drama outside the Tour de France route. Our friend from Texas, who has won a few of these things, has found himself in a bit of a complicated situation. This will be the basis of a future post:

Managing Difficult Situations

Still not convinced that this is where the action is? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction they say……..keep that in mind when the book and movie on this saga is produced (you heard it here first). Some tidbits : It is alleged that our friend from Texas made a $100,000 “donation” to the UCI (the organization in charge of regulating cycling) which subsequently covered up a positive dope test. There are plenty more titillating rumors.

Back to the situation at hand. As you know (because you read all my blog posts 🙂 ) cycling is a team sport and drafting (being protected from the wind) can save a ton of energy. The next big task comes Monday after this weekends’ stages with a few mountains to get over. Monday’s race(stage) is a 41.5 km Time Trail, also know as the race of truth. It is a race against the clock, without the benefit of teammates or drafting.

Check out the rigs they will be riding!

After Monday we should have a clear picture about how things are progressing toward our major goal. After the Time Trial, the high mountains will be the next task.

Stay Tuned!


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  1. Melissa says:

    Ok I don’t understand your post? What exactly does this got to do with massage?

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