Successful Blogging

Submitted by Desmond Slattery

Many of you either blog or use social media in your marketing.

Here are some  tips for successful blogging:

  • Be authentic
  • Be creative
  • Have interesting content – food is always a winner
  • Be controversial.

The blog, neverseconds  from 9 year old Martha Payne has all of these qualities. How school lunches became controversial and a reason to ban her blog (and thus send it viral), boggles the mind. But lots of things seem to boggle my mind these days.

While I can’t match the blogging power and charm of this wonderful student from Scotland, I offer this contribution from our kitchen!

While some of those lunches look less than appetizing at least it’s a meal! Once out of school, one is either too busy to eat or cannot afford lunch!

Check out this story in the Telegraph about the  response to her blog


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