Tasking – Bradley Wiggins Watch

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Even if you are not into cycling or massage, everyone can learn something by Joining me in the

Bradley Wiggins Watch

Watch Wiggins and you will find approaches that are helpful in life and business. Wiggins provides an excellent example of how to manage and execute projects, tasking and work flow. Who wouldn’t benefit from that? There are endless articles and traditional media on the subject, but if you are like me, you have to be intrigued by alternative and unorthodox approaches to learning successful work flow. Or perhaps the pain of unfinished projects has become too great to stand anymore and you need to find a system that works.

Here’s what we can learn from Wiggins 

Step 1) Have a Goal and be able to define that goal clearly and concisely. For example – Bradley Wiggins goal is to win the Tour de France

Step 2) Define executable steps and use apply discipline to them

Wiggins describes his approach in this way, “We ride our bikes, get a massage, eat and then sleep. Then we get up and do it again. And again”.  Not everyone can get as minimal and straightforward as this, but the less clutter, the better.

Step 3) Lose the distractions. Obviously we have more distractions to lose (not living on or in a volcano and all that).
Wiggins’ says, “People will think what they will think but I’m not the slightest bit bothered. I don’t read the cycling press and I don’t Twitter anymore and let people know my business. I’m a cycling recluse really and love it.”

The lesson is keep your focus and do not let others throw you off. Social Media is a killer of time and productivity. Like caffeine and chocolate, the judicious use of it is essential for success! I have much more to say on this and will do so in later posts. I’ll mention YELP in passing (as its part of this web app and social media bundle). A $10 Gift Certificate to GotYourBack to the first person who answers correctly – As a small business, you set up your Yelp page and nurture the reviews and content……what is the first thing that happens? Give your answers in the comment section.

Just to show you how hard this maintaining discipline with the various distractions in our modern world, the man of discipline, Bradley Wiggins, has gone back to Tweeting! Better not slow you down Bradley.


Bradleys teammates pacing him up the Col de Joux Plane (hors categorie)
hors categorie means really big hill!

Step 4) Employ teamwork! There are very few things one can accomplish without the help of others. Start learning ASAP, the ability to communicate, listen, and motivate and incentive others to help accomplish the goal. Cycling, by the way, is a total team sport. For people without an understanding of this, cycling must be very boring to watch and follow. If you understand the inner workings of the sport, races and especially those 3 weeks in July are the most exciting.

Picture taken from http://www.sirotti.it/

Step 5) Develop confidence and have faith; you have to have 100% belief in what you are doing. People pick up on your attitude and hopefully it is positive. A positive attitude is like yawning! It becomes contagious and helps you stay on task and keeps your supporters motivated. Maintain a “Zen” like attitude, detaching from and not worrying about the future, past, or internal doubts. Sometimes those doubts will occur, or people or the media (if that is the case for you) will try to throw you off stride. Maintain your composure; do not let your energy be taken away.

Watch this video. Bradley looks completely uninterested (in the media bothering him), is in control, says nothing anyone can understand, but sounds important!

Bradley Wiggins Interview

UPDATE : Wiggins wins Criterium du Dauphine

And no matter what you do, get lots of massage.


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