Table Talk; Massage News From Around The World

News Picks by Desmond Slattery

Massage goes extreme (New York Times)
When I did massage I skipped the new age music and went for classical, but my favorite was Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Clients didn’t seem to mind.  Listen Here

Read 2 great articles on Pet Massage here (New York Times) and here (Livingston
Reiki or Deep Tissue? What type of massage does your pet prefer?

2 great articles on the field of Massage from the New York Times
Here and Here.
The sections that got me interested referred to the beneficial effects on recovery and production of mitochondria. As a former competitive cyclist, I was all too familiar with the stories of doping in the pro ranks. One of the key attributes of doping is speeding recovery. Recently, I just learned of some amateur athletes that I used to race with, busted for doping. The point here is, athletes go to extremes to gain an edge. Properly trained sports massage therapists can take advantage of this and offer safe, legal “doping”.

Do-It Yourself Massage (New York Times)
Is it like the real thing?  I don’t think so!

Are you charging what you are worth? (Las Vegas Examiner)
Check out what top spas are charging for Warm Bamboo and Thai Poultice Treatments

Masseuse arrested after massage not good PR but then check out their 5 star rating…yelp, gulp, burp!

New from the Dark Ages (Beloit Daily News) Massage Therapists shouldn’t conduct business within 100 feet of a church? REALLY?

Not my cup of tea. I am self-conscious enough just doing the poses and I never want to “win” the class! The Corpse Pose is more my speed.
Bashing Goldman Sachs (Huffington Post)
Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve noticed that the NYTimes, Bloomberg, CNN, etc have all joined Leif Montgomery in bashing Goldman Sachs. See Leif’s post from March 6, 2012. I suggest starting a “Doing God’s Work” drawing each month.  Send in your nominees or stories of charitable or good works in the massage world.

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