Doing God’s Work

Submitted by Leif Montgomery
Every time I hear reference to “doing God’s work”, my jaw clenches, muscles tighten and I get indigestion. Invariably, it reminds me of the statement made by Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. See the story here:
Perhaps this is again a case of journalistic sloppiness, where they simply mis quoted the subject. Maybe he said, “NOT doing God’s work”, or “doing anti-God’s work”, or “I never do God’s work”.
It’s preposterous that Goldman Sachs, this ineptly run, non-productive, failed business could be mistaken for doing God’s work. My kids lemonade stand is better run and has a business model light years ahead of Goldman Sachs. Remember, this is the institution that was on the verge of failure and sure to go under, because of massive poor judgment and bad bets, that called in a few favors from its cronies in the government and went from being an investment bank to a bank holding company. Any of you have a bank account with Goldman? This allowed it to receive corporate welfare and bailout money from guess who? You, gracious taxpayer. This was a textbook example of where corporate euthanasia would have been well advised.
If you missed the wonderfully colorful takedown of Goldman by Rolling Stone’s Matt Tabbai, catch it here:
Now, back to who is really doing God’s work. I am sure you can think of much better candidates for this title. I propose you include yourself, the Massage Therapist/Bodyworker in the running. Here is a field, for the most part, given up by the medical world and physical therapists. Nobody really wants to do the hands on, manual, time consuming hard work. Most take the easy pill/drugs route, assembly line, or medical billable route. The world is starved for good old fashioned bodywork. Sometimes it can be a lonely existence, choosing an alternative career, following  a passion simply to do good work.
So I propose the following:
In exchange for bailing out Goldman Sachs from certain death, I propose that all Goldman Sachs employees, starting with Lloyd Blankfein, carry the massage tables for all therapists that do house calls, or do the laundry all of all bodyworkers with offices.
One more thing, if you ever find yourself in doubt about your effectiveness or lonely in your work, make an appointment with a bodywork you respect, and experience how great you and God’s work is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really need some one to do GOD’s work on my body

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